Law enforcement officials raid Hillbrow

A police officer searches a man as South…A police officer searches a man as South African Police officers backed by soldiers of the South African Defence Force SADF conduct searches and identity checks in Hilbrow Johannesburg, an area mostly inhabited by foreign nationals, on April 27, 2015. At least seven people have been killed in three weeks of unrest that have revived memories of xenophobic bloodshed in 2008, when 62 people were killed mainly in Johannesburg’s townships. AFP PHOTO / MUJAHID SAFODIENMUJAHID SAFODIEN/AFP/Getty Images

Police and Johannesburg Metro officers have conducted another late-night raid in Hillbrow.

Last week shops suspected of selling counterfeit goods were targeted.

On Wednesday night law enforcement officers confiscated boxes of clothes, shoes, and bags. Some residents took their chances and tried to escape through windows but they were nabbed by the quick action of the police.

Those arrested will be screened to verify their status in the country and if they are found to be undocumented, they will appear in court.

Earlier this month, police were forced to retreat after they clashed with shop owners and street vendors during a similar raid.

Johannesburg Metro Police Xolani Fihla says the raids are not an attack against foreign nationals.

“We took plus/minus 70 undocumented foreign nationals and we had 180 zip lock bags of dagga that were confiscated. These operations are going to continue in the City of Joburg and people might think we are attacking foreign nationals but it’s not it’s against criminality within the City of Joburg and we have to keep the city clean and safe for the visitors and the residents.”


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