Ruling party to loot from the public purse: Mashaba

Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, has described the African National Congress’s (ANC) plans to table a motion of no confidence in him as an attempt for the ruling party to loot from the public purse.

The ANC intends to table a motion of no confidence against Mashaba on August 22, saying the city’s finances are in dire straits while being run by the opposition.

The ANC lost control of the metro in the August 2016 local government elections.

Mashaba has described the ANC’s attempt to remove him as a smokescreen for corruption to continue in the city.

“Every time the ANC has voted against me. And they have done everything possible illegally to remove me from being the mayor. This is just a smokescreen to get themselves to the public purse, that is all they are interested in. I have reported them to the justice portfolio, given the ANC’s corruption since I have taken over the city. They are having sleepless nights and the only way they can save themselves is to try and remove me as mayor,” says Mashaba.


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