‘Zuma’s legal team has no grounds to argue unfair treatment of their client’

Zuma fears being exposed

Constitutional Law expert Professor Shadrack Guto says members of former president Jacob Zuma‘s legal team have no grounds on which to argue that the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture has treated their client unfairly.

When Zuma was testifying before the commission in Parktown, Johannesburg on Tuesday, members of his legal team complained that the leader of the commission’s legal team Advocate Paul Pretorius was cross-examining their client.

Zuma’s legal team was adamant that the cross-examination was against the commission’s terms of reference.

Guto says the complaint had no basis. “This is not cross-examination but an effort to try to produce evidence or lack of it or credibility of statements that it was made or not made, so I think that this is going to be very difficult for him in the last two days or three days.”

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