Voice your ideas on government spending

Pretoria – Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is inviting the public to voice their views on the economy and what issues they would like government to highlight in next month’s Budget Speech.

In a statement on Monday, the Minister called on the public to submit their ideas on the three things that government does well and the three things that government should stop doing.

Minister Gordhan is also asking the public to submit their views on the three areas that government spending should be directed to, as well as how South Africa can achieve inclusive economic growth.

“It is in this context that the Minister of Finance invites South Africans to voice their views about their economic concerns and issues they would like government to highlight in the Budget on 24 February 2016,” said the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry said global economic conditions have deteriorated somewhat since the publishing of the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement in October.

“Sentiment towards emerging markets has grown negative and developing countries are grappling with various challenges. South Africa still faces the challenges of lower economic growth, widespread unemployment and inequality.”

Government’s budget in 2016/17 will amount to over R1.3 trillion and will be spent towards wages, goods and services, infrastructure and supporting the poor.

“There is a need to ensure that every rand government spends makes a differences in the lives of our people,” said the Ministry, adding that Minister Gordhan is looking forward to the public’s contribution.

People can send their contributions to the National Treasury South Africa Facebook page. They can also make use of the Twitter handle #Budget2016 and follow @NationalTreasu2. Contributions can also be made on the National Treasury website.

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