Using diesel cheaper than implementing load shedding: Eskom

As Eskom resorts to using diesel generators to keep the lights on, the power utility says the risk of load shedding has once again increased.

Eskom says 11 of its 15 power stations in Mpumalanga have less than 20 days of coal supply left.

The utility says if coal stockpiles do not increase this month and rainy weather persists in Mpumalanga, load shedding may be a reality this year.

Eskom’s Khulu Phasiwe says while diesel is expensive, it is still cheaper than implementing load shedding.

“Coal accounts to up to R80 billion a year and obviously, another portion will go towards the purchase of diesel.

“But all of these things are actually the price that Eskom is willing to pay for us to avoid load shedding as load shedding is far more expensive than having to purchase or use a lot of diesel.”

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