“Trump needs political distractions to turn attention away from his criminal cabal”

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at the South Point Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada January 21, 2016. REUTERS/David Becker . SAP is the sponsor of this coverage which is independently produced by the staff of Reuters News Agency.

The former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard says President Donald Trump needs political distractions to turn attention away from what Gaspard says is Trump’s criminal cabal.

Gaspard made the comments in a tweeted response to Trump’s earlier twitter remarks that he’d asked his Secretary of State to closely study – in his words – South Africa’s “land and farm seizures, expropriations and large scale killing of farmers”.

Gaspard – an Obama era appointee and now President of the Open Society Foundations – took to Twitter to call out President Trump.

The former U.S. envoy says of the US President that he’s never visited the continent and has no discernible Africa policy.

Trump’s late night tweet came after he watched a segment on the conservative Fox news channel that accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of being a racist, that he’d already changed the country’s Constitution to make it possible to steal land from people, adding he’d begun seizing land from citizens based on their skin colour while urging the Trump administration to respond to what it called a human rights tragedy unfolding in South Africa.

President Trump tweeted immediately after the show.

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