Tables turn on Shivambu as MPs chant ‘pay back the money’

The VBS Bank saga cloud still hangs over Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President Floyd Shivambu even as he took to the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon.

The African National Congress (ANC) Members of Parliament (MPs) called on Shivambu to “pay back the money” as he took to the podium during the debate on the Competition Amendment Bill.

Shivambu’s brother Brian is one of the 50 individuals named in the VBS bank report for having received R16 million.

In an ironic twist, the tables were turned on the EFF chief whip.

It was reminiscent of the EFF’s calls in 2014 on former President Jacob Zuma to pay back the money for his Nkandla home upgrades.

But Shivambu remained unfazed and continued his speech through heckling.

“I’ll be able to speak even if they do that. Sit down commissars, I’ll handle this, don’t worry.”

Shivambu says the EFF is flattered.

“Earlier when we were speaking here there were people who were singing ‘pay back the money’, so I was reminded that imitation is the most sincere but heartless form of flattery. So, we’re flattered as the EFF by those who learned from us.”

He says VBS is worth saving.

“But this incident must not divert all of us to think that people and a black government can’t run businesses. That’s why we must pass the Bank Amendment Bill as tabled in the Standing Committee on Finance.”


Shivambu has been feeling the heat in the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon over the VBS Mutual Bank scandal.

He’s again reiterated that neither he nor the party has benefited, even though his brother is named in the Reserve Bank report.

The Great Bank Heist Report is being debated in the House on Tuesday afternoon, at the request of the ANC.

Shivambu’s has told Parliament he believes attempts must be made to save the bank.

“When my friend in the overalls find stolen monies in their accounts they call it sharing among family members,” one MP remarked

EFF MPs were quick on their feet on Tuesday afternoon to defend Shivambu against MPs from across the political divide who have accused the party of hypocrisy.

“The Honourable Member has just made some remarks that impugn on the members of the House.”

During an earlier debate on the Competition Amendment Bill, MPs chanted “pay back the money” when Shivambu rose to speak.

But Shivambu stood his ground.

“We’re going to state here, categorically clear without any fear of contradiction that the EFF and ourselves as MPs never benefited anything from the VBS looting and the so-called heist that happened there.”

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