Speeding train driver jumped red light: Prasa

JOHANNESBURG – Prasa won’t say for now whether or not it will take action against the driver involved in a fatal train accident in Johannesburg last year.

A report by the Railway Safety Regulator has confirmed that the driver was speeding and jumped a red light.

“The immediate cause of the accident was speeding of the driver that collided with the train that was stationery and secondly was that she passed a red signal,” said the regulator’s CEO, Nkosinathi Poya.

The regulator also found that the communication system used on the day was ineffective.

“You then look at the underlying causes — the issue of communication on that particular day — the fact that the driver was using a cellphone instead of using trunk radios that was a contributing cause that led to that particular accident.”

The driver is not back at work, recovering from the injuries sustained in the accident.

The accident at Denver train station left a Metrorail security guard dead and 240 people injured.

The passenger rail agency has also been asked to increase its expenditure on maintenance, and fill crucial vacancies.

– eNCA

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