South Africans urged to adhere to government’s instructions

A South African, whose family has been infected with the coronavirus, has sent a stark warning to people to adhere to the regulations of the national lockdown, or face the possibility of the country descending into a health catastrophe.

Political commentator Melanie Verwoerd was speaking after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a three-week national lockdown, starting at midnight on Thursday, to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

There are 402 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in South Africa and no reported deaths.

There are 340 000 coronavirus cases across the globe, with nearly 15 00 deaths.

Verwoerd whose children have tested positive for Covid-19 says it is crucial that South Africans take all measures to self-isolate.

People can boost up with things like Vitamin C and other vitamins that their doctors can recommend. If this thing hits the poorer areas we are going to see and absolute catastrophe. And people don’t listen; a lot of people are trying to see if they can cheat the government’s regulations.”

“I don’t think government has a choice, we need to slow down this epidemic and flatten the curve. We can actually do this as South Africans. We know how to build together. If we do this, we can actually build a future for this country again but if we don’t, we’ll have scenes like we’ve seen in Italy and Iran and we will destroy this country,” adds Verwoerd.

Solidarity Fund to support those in need

Meanwhile, a Solidarity Fund has been established to help track the spread of the coronavirus, care for the ill and support those whose lives have been disrupted.

President Ramaphosa made the announcement in an address to the nation last night.

He also announced a three-week lockdown starting at midnight on Thursday.

The army will assist the police.

SA under national lockdown for 21 days

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a national lockdown for 21 days.

Addressing South Africans on government’s measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, Ramaphosa says the lockdown will start on midnight Thursday, 26 March till 16 April.


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