Police investigate killing of Eunicent Dilebo allegedly by SANDF

Police are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Eunicent Dilebo, 36 at the hands of South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members in Dingledale, Mpumalanga.

Dilebo was allegedly shot and killed over the weekend when soldiers and police were apparently responding to a mob justice incident in the area.

It is alleged that the deceased and his girlfriend Ntombifuthi Mlambo were seated in their vehicle when they were accosted by SANDF members. The victim was allegedly assaulted and shot three times when he tried to run way.

The deceased’s brother, Thabo Dilebo says the family is yet to receive a report from the police.

Thabo says, “We don’t even know what happened, what actually happened to him and what has got to a point that they could shoot him and we don’t know what he did to a point that he had to be shot at…”

“All I know about my brothers is that he’s a good person, is a loving person there’s no way we would have wanted to fight. As I know he was shot at the back trying to run for his life,” added Thabo.

Mlambo who is six weeks pregnant managed to get away – but not before she was assaulted by law enforcement officers.

Mlambo says, “The driver’s side was locked and they pulled on my side, I was seated at the back and I fell. When I fell the soldier started to kick me. I ran and he followed me. I then heard the gunshot sounds. He was lying here and he died. I feel bad because I am pregnant and those soldiers kicked me, I feel pain all over my body.”

National Police spokesperson, Vish Naidoo says the incident is being investigated.

Naidoo says, “The community was allegedly assaulting an individual and the police responded together with members of the SANDF. When they got to the scene the community was allegedly violent, they were pelting the police with stones and damaged police vehicles in the process. One of the SANDF members was stabbed in the hand with a screwdriver. One community member emerged from a vehicle with a firearm and it resulted in a shooting and resulted in the motorist being killed.”

Naidoo adds that a rifle that belongs to an SANDF member and a firearm that was allegedly carried by the deceased person will be sent for ballistic testing.

Dilebo is the 12th person to die allegedly at the hands of law enforcement officers since lockdown was implemented.

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