Phat Joe opens up about his late ex-girlfriend’s suicide

Since Phat Joe’s late ex-girlfriend, Abbey, committed suicide a few years back, Phat Joe had refrained from speaking about the ordeal publicly but during The Fresh Breakfast Show on Metro FM, Phat Joe opened up about the day she died.

Phat Joe explained that when Abbey died after they had already broken up. The break up happened just after they had gone on a movie date and Abbey had shocked Phat Joe by mentioning that she was leaving for the UK.

“It was so weird, we had gone to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and at the end of the movie, the girl kills herself, so that was the last date we went on and on that night we broke up. And the reason we broke up was because she wanted to go to England.”

Phat Joe was not happy about her leaving and they ended their relationship that night. Abbey then went to England. However, she returned to South Africa in her attempts to rekindle her relationship with Phat Joe.

Sadly, Phat Joe found out that Abbey’s reason for leaving was quite valid.

“…[I] come to find out she’d gone to England because she was mixed race. She’s half Zulu and half Irish, so she had gone to reconnect with her dad and her dad didn’t even want to see her. So she’s going through all this stuff, I don’t know about it. I only find out about it when she gets back and the night I went on a date with my son’s mother, she calls me.”

Phat Joe shares that he had told her that he was out but upon returning home, Abbey was sitting on his porch waiting for him. Phat Joe had returned home with his baby mama and things went down south from then on.

” I’m with my son’s mom and at this point, she’s just my girlfriend there’s no son, and they start fighting, I’m like this is crazy, I try getting between them but I thought this was stupid so I just sat on the couch and watched them fight.”

After the confrontation between the two ladies, Abbey eventually goes home what Phat Joe shares next was truly heartbreaking.

“The next day she calls me at like, 12, she’s crying. She then says ‘I’m in the bath I’ve slit my wrist and I’m drinking wine.’

Phat Joe explains that he got angered by what she said and hung up the phone on her.

A few hours later Phat Joe gets a shocking phone call from one of his producers.

“Three hours later Sindi (the producer) calls me, she’s like ‘listen dog I’m at her house [Abbey’s house] and she’s hanging from a ceiling fan, you need to get here, she’s still alive.’

Unfortunately, by the time Phat Joe arrived at his ex-girlfriend’s place she had passed on.

Phat Joes said that Abbey was the most amazing person he had ever met and believes she watches over him sometimes.

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