Outcry over treatment of pair involved in baby Daniels’ murder

JOHANNESBURG – Advocacy group Women and Men Against Child Abuse says the court has not treated the pair involved in the Baby Daniels murder the same.

The 29-year-old mother was found guilty in the High Court in Johannesburg on Friday of neglecting her child, who died after being placed in a bath of boiling water by her boyfriend in 2016.

The boyfriend was found guilty of murder and child abuse.

On Thursday, Judge Collin Matshitse found that Baby Daniels’ mother had caused the boy’s death by not doing anything about the abuse the toddler suffered.

Women and Men Against Child Abuse has welcomed the state’s move to oppose bail when the formal hearing takes place in January.

But Women and Men Against Child Abuse child safety advocate Luke Lamprecht says the court has treated the pair differently: “The way they’re treated differently due to their gender has become a serious concern because you would think that the mother is the primary protector and her primary role in life is to be a mother, not to choose a man over your children.”

The formal bail application was on Friday remanded to 3 January.

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