Nzimande wants allegations of plot against Ramaphosa discussed

South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary Blade Nzimande has called on the tripartite alliance to discuss allegations of a plot against President Cyril Ramaphosa at its next alliance summit.

Nzimande says the alleged plot on Ramaphosa is not only an insult to the African National Congress but for people who fought for liberation and all South Africans.  He has issued the warning while delivering the SACP’s message of support at the Congress of South African Trade Unions’ National Congress in Midrand.

“We are convinced, as the Communist Party that we were recently on the eve of becoming a mafia state. The working class has a duty to defend this democracy from all forms of regressive and problematic tendencies that are threatening to steal our revolution. This fight-back campaign … we are not surprised at all about talks of political plots as we were already warned about this. This fight-back campaign has also been accompanied by some of the most regressive and reactionary tendencies. That should not be allowed to find space in our movement.”

Nzimande says it is disappointing that some within the ANC-led alliance continue to distort the State Capture phenomenon. His statement on State Capture comes after former President Jacob Zuma questioned whether it existed.

“We are really concerned about this phenomenon. We all know the history of the state of capture, and we were the first to raise the alarm bell, to say there must be a probe into State Capture. Judge Zondo, you have our support on the matter.”

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