NW Premier concerned about non-compliance with lockdown regulations

North West Premier Job Mokgoro has expressed concern about non-compliance with lockdown regulations by some members of the public.

He says people in the province are not observing social distancing, while others are loitering in the streets with no valid reason.

“When it comes to coronavirus deaths in the province, we are still at zero, and when it comes to the number of cases affected – we are at second last. Are we really saying that it is only when we start dying that people will start complying because death is a reality? This virus is a killer particularly now that we are moving from a season of autumn and we getting into winter.”

Mokgoro has also criticized the behaviour of some public servants and politicians in the province who flout lockdown regulations.

“What is despicable and repugnant, is that in these incidents of non-compliance you have some political leaders and public servants, some of them quite senior and not all of them, so immoral. So insensitive, so irresponsible and so much unlike what is expected of them. Once more let us stop this misbehaviour and show true leadership.”

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