Nugent annoyed by SARS exco’s failure to make inquiry submissions

Retired Judge Robert Nugent has expressed his surprise and apparent annoyance at the Sars executive committee’s failure to make submissions to the commission of inquiry.

The judge made the comments when Enforcement Chief Officer Mogola Makola took the witness stand as the first exco member to come forward.

Nugent is investigating tax administration and governance during Tom Moyne’s tenure.

Judge Robert Nugent thanked Makola for her willingness to testify but he expected a different response from Sars management.

“That’s what I thought would happen… that the first people to come forward in these terms of reference would be the management and yet we had to start with the people at the bottom because we haven’t heard from management. People at the bottom have come to say what is going on and I haven’t heard a word from exco.”

Nugent urged Makola to tell the executive committee to make a submission.

Makola they were planning on making a joint submission but could not confirm when that would take place.

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