Notorious escape artist Ananias Mathe dies in prison

PRETORIA – Serial rapist and murderer Ananias Mathe had died in the King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban.

Mathe was convicted of rape, murder and house robbery, and was known for several escape attempts from maximum security prisons across the country.

TimesLive reported that a senior prison official had said that Mathe, who was incarcerated at the ultra-secure C-Max prison in Kokstad in KwaZulu-Natal, had been suffering from an alleged “digestive issue” over the past three months and had to be taken to hospital several times. He allegedly had severe constipation and could not urinate.

Officials reportedly discovered his attempt in September. He had reportedly removed the ventilator in his room, smashed a window, tried to loosen the window from the outside with an Allen key and managed to saw a steel window inside his cell to make it bigger.

In 2013, the Sunday Tribune reported that Mathe nearly managed to break out of the same prison.


Mathe – a serial rapist, murderer, hijacker and robber from Mozambique – was known for his repeated escapes from prisons over the years.

He is the only person to have escaped from the maximum-security prison in Pretoria, in 2006.

Prison officials had thought that Mathe was trying to get to hospital as part of an elaborate escape plot when he fell ill about three weeks ago at the ultra-secure C-Max prison in Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal, from which he had previously tried to escape twice, according to TMG Digital.

He was eventually taken to hospital and had surgery.

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