Nene meets with Moody’s to outline government plans

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene has met with rating agency Moody’s to outline government’s plans.

Nene was speaking during a conference of the Federation of Democratic Unions of South Africa (Fedusa) in Kameeldrift, Johannesburg on Monday, in his first public appearance since his re-appointment to the position last month.

“In the meeting that I had this morning with Moody’s and subsequently with some of my colleagues, it was very clear that we are now starting to put dates to what that it is, that we are going to do…”

“We are no longer going to say if we do this, this is going to happen. We are saying when we do this, this is what is going to happen… and put a date to it. Secondly we are going to act decisively against corruption in the public and private sector.”

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