MNANGAGWA: I have no problem with Mugabe

JOHANNESBURG – In his first interview since being announced as Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa says that he holds no grudge against his predecessor.

Robert Mugabe made headlines on the eve of elections last week when he announced that he would not be voting for “his Zanu-PF tormentors”.

Mnangagwa has told Sky News that he was taken aback by that decision.

“Until recently, when he said he did not want to vote for me, I did not think that he would reach that stage. I’ve done nothing wrong to him.”

However, he says its water under the bridge.

“It is his democratic right to choose who to vote for. I have no problem with President Mugabe, there’s no enmity, no rancour between me and him.”

Zimbabwe’s president has issued a guarantee to the nation that he will stick to the limit of two 5-year terms if he’s re-elected again in the future.

Mnangagwa, the former enforcer of long-time leader Robert Mugabe and head of the Zanu-PF party, was announced as the winner of an election held last week, with 50.8% of the vote.

He’s told Sky News that the people of Zimbabwe have his word when it comes to relinquishing power.

“I always say that I will obey the constitution to the letter. If I am elected for a second term, I will do my second term but it won’t go beyond that.”

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to challenge the result, saying that his Movement for Democratic Change group won the popular vote.

The party has until 10 August to do this.

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