Load shedding likely to get severe: Analyst

Energy experts warn that load shedding could get more severe and Eskom has reiterated that the system is constrained and has urged customers to reduce their electricity use.

In December, the power utility implemented Stage 6 causing uproar and forcing President Cyril Ramaphosa to cut short a state visit to Egypt.

The power utility undertook to curb load shedding for the Christmas period, saying it will not load shed before January 13.

However, an Energy analyst at Mining and Energy Advisors Ted Blom says, “Stage 8 is when the power is off for roughly half of the day, in other words up to 12 hours of load shedding.”

Blom says, “The notice that was sent to the municipalities is a direct consequence of the legislation which requires Eskom to prepare for all types of outcomes. Eskom is still on the edge of a cliff, as soon as the unavailable units and unplanned outages exceed 9 500 megawatts; the risk of load shedding sparks up. This week Eskom is between 13 000 and 14 000 megawatts of broken capacity so load shedding going forward will increase and will become more and more severe.”

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