Lamola outlines plans to transform justice portfolio

The youngest minister in the sixth administration, Ronald Lamola, has outlined his plans to help transform the justice portfolio – as he takes on his role as Justice and Correctional Service Minister.

The 35-year old says the justice sector needs to evolve into what he calls a ‘smart system’ – that will enable people to access information and interact on an app.

Lamola says using technology will help the department save costs, as well as provide information in a quick and easy manner.

“We are going to look at the policies within the department and if there are any loopholes we need to look at them. We will also have to see how we can transform the entire justice system into a smart system, where information is integrated, offenders’ information, from the beginning to the end and it is able to interact. So we have to use these platforms of big data to consolidate the information because that will enable us to administer justice in an easy, fast and quick manner. It might also help us to reduce the costs that are involved in the running of the Justice Department.”

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