Labour Dept tackles Compensation Fund inefficiencies

The Labour Department‘s Compensation Fund says great strides have been made in its turnaround strategy.

The strategy aims to provide compensation for disablement caused by occupational injuries and disease sustained by workers.  The fund has in the past been plagued by inefficiencies.

This was due to huge backlogs in the payment of claims leaving hundreds of claimants in the country destitute.

Thirty six-year-old Kenosi Leboya of Mangaung is an unemployed contract worker. He is one of the many, who were allegedly not paid by the Compensation Fund.

“I got injured at work twice. The first injury was on my left eye and the second injury I twisted my finger while I was operating a short ledger. I then submitted documents for compensation but I did not receive the money,” he says.

As part of its turnaround strategy, the Labour department’s unit signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with stakeholders to streamline employer’s contributions to the fund.

The department says it is confident that service delivery has improved.

The Department of Labour says changes to the policy and legislative environment had been negotiated with all National Economic Development and Labour Council social partners.

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