Kodwa should allow the law to take its cause: expert

Legal expert Elton Hart has advised that the ANC’s Head of Presidency, Zizi Kodwa, allow for his name to be cleared of rape allegations in court before blaming it on a political plot against him.

This after a woman alleged that Kodwa drugged and raped her at a Johannesburg hotel last year.

Kodwa has denied the allegations, claiming that he is the victim of a political plot.

Amid public outcries over the matter, Kodwa has asked to step aside from his duties.

Hart says, “There is no time period that tells the victim you need to go in a specific time period to go and open a docket or lay a charge of sexual assault or rape. Looking at the history of our country and the things that has happened in our political sphere, you’ve seen where people are using certain tricks to manoeuvre their way and get certain mileage out of certain things.”

“So one cannot say that it is not true what Zizi Kodwa is saying, but it is better for him to say let’s go to court and let this play out in court, because if you get acquitted by the court then you are in a safe spot.”

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