Jiba accused of selling out NPA, abandoning integrity for Politicians

PRETORIA – Deputy prosecutions boss Willie Hofmeyr has accused his colleague Nomgcobo Jiba of selling out the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and abandoning her integrity for politicians.

Hofmeyr made submissions at the Mokgoro Inquiry in Centurion on Thursday.

Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi helped the former head of Crime Intelligence Richard Mdluli investigate Gerrie Nel during the prosecution of former National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Hofmeyr has suggested that Jiba’s collusion with the police in the case against Nel, in an attempt to derail the prosecution of Selebi, was the ultimate betrayal.

“The stakes for the NPA and the integrity of the NPA was particularly high at that time, so, for members of the NPA to actively collaborate with others to attempt to sabotage that investigation, I think is, for me, as serious as it can get.”

He says later conduct further raised his suspicions of Jiba’s integrity.

“There were certainly politically controversial decisions taken at the time. She was starting to play political games; to put it bluntly.”

Jiba is scheduled to testify at the inquiry and challenge the allegations against at her.

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