IEC reaches out to 1,6m voters

epa04194656 An Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) official checks a ballot box at a polling station in Alexandra township, Johannesburg, South Africa, 07 May 2014. South Africans started voting in general elections expected to keep the ruling African National Congress in power, even if polls said it could lose votes over corruption and enduring poverty. About 25 million people were eligible to vote in the elections. EPA/CORNELL TUKIRI

JOHANNESBURG – The Independent Electoral Commission is trying to reach out to voters via SMS, in an effort to update and enhance the voters’ roll.

Close to 5,3-million registered voters, whose address details are currently not available on the voters’ roll, have been contacted.

The IEC is now hoping to reach the 1,6-million voters for whom it doesn’t have phone numbers.

The Constitutional Court ruled in November last year that voters’ addresses were essential to ensure correct voting districts.

Voting stations are open for registration this weekend.

– eNCA

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