‘I will not hesitate to sue the hell out of you’


Outgoing Mayor Patricia de Lille is out for justice.

She’s to sue a Johannesburg businessman who had accused her of corruption.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has decided not to proceed with the case.

De Lille claims that Anthony Faul, together with members of the Democratic Alliance (DA), fabricated the allegations in a desperate bid to get rid of her.

De Lille held a media briefing in Cape Town on Sunday to map out her future plans following a drawn-out public spat between her and the DA.

She’s expected to make another announcement this week with the names of the people she believes were involved with a deliberate campaign to tarnish her reputation.

“Those who will continue even into the future to smear my name, I will not hesitate to sue the hell out of you.”

The mayor will also run two diaries during her final days in office, one with her official mayoral duties and another collating information to bolster her case against DA members out to defame her.

De Lille says she’s consulted her legal team on a strategy to clear her name.

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