Former colleague slams woman in racist rant video

PRETORIA – Vicki Momberg is back in court on Monday to face charges linked to her racist rant.

The estate agent apologised after being caught on camera repeatedly abusing black police officers using the k-word in February.

She’d been involved in a smash-and-grab incident.

Momberg claimed through her lawyer that she has good relations with people across the colour line.

But a woman who worked under her says this is not true and claims she was driven out of her job by Momberg’s repeated abuse.

Catherine Mashiyana worked at the same company for ten years before she was moved into a job at the office canteen in August last year.

Mashiyana said Momberg started swearing and shouting at her on the second day of her new job, and the situation only got worse over time.

Mashiyana – a mother of three – says Momberg also accused her of stealing, potatoes and said she was lazy.

She also says Momberg frequently said that black people from Durban were of better quality than those from Johannesburg.

Mashiyana laid a grievance at the CCMA against Momberg, detailing the abuse she says she suffered.

Her employer – Bi-Africa Business Solutions – says it was aware of her allegations and tried to deal with them as best it could.

Mashiyana says her encounter with Momberg devastated her emotionally and has left her jobless and worried about her future.

Neither Momberg or her lawyer have responded to requests for comment.


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