Just In: Faith Nketsi allegedly prostituting ladies for cash

PRETORIA – Faith Nketsi, also known as Queen Twerk might allegedly be in trouble with the law. Faith Nketsi announced in march that the company she’s associated with – Feline Management is looking for a bunch of ladies to hire.

The news that was taken by many as a growth prospect for the twerk queen is now claimed as nothing but fraud. Acquisitions have been dropping in numbers with many of the alleged victims of Faith Nketsi’s prostituting saga finally speaking out. The bogus advert for the modelling agency that was posted in March was exposed as nothing but a front to prostitute ladies to rich men in exchange for money.

The victims were not able to report the atrocities they endured to the authorities, due to shame and ridicule. Some of these victims reported rape and some reported forced orgies as arranged by the faith Nketsi, Tebogo Thobejane, Kim Kholiwe and Inno Morolong.

Hidden under the blankets

Faith Nketsi and are agents have apparently being scouting girls all over campuses with a promise to party and make money with rich men. Their recruitment joint are famous clubs in Johannesburg. Many of the so called failed recruits believe the Nketsi issue is a known topic on campuses and one that is obvious but swept under the blanket due to the list of top priority client she services.

There are also allegations that some ex-recruits of faith Nketsi had opened cases against her but most of the cases were tagged as jealous acquisitions and none of the prostituting profile were ever taking seriously by SAPS.

The blanket finally gets pulled a little today when the Nketsi hashtag started trending on twitter. Only then, many of the ladies got the opportunity to voice their stories and findings into the once successful business model now exposed as a female sex broker, exchanging ladies for payment from rich men.

Some of the serious allegation is a confession involving a rape case, where a lady alleged she was raped by six of Nketsi’s client and was offered R 20,000 ($1566) to keep quiet. Her network of clients are said to pay from R15,000 to R 100,000 depending on the catalogue of girls that are requested and delivered by Nketsi and her cronies.

Also on the report are the international trips of these ladies to create a network of clients for their prostituting business. The admired features of Nketsi are also being revealed by some of the anonymous victims as nothing but the work of surgery.

All our communications were ignored and we are still waiting for comments from Faith Nketsi and her friends soon. 

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