Eskom hopes to keep load shedding to lower levels over the weekend

JOHANNESBURG – Eskom is hoping to keep load shedding to lower levels over the coming weekend.

On Friday morning the power utility announced that stage 2 load shedding will kick in at 9 am after a week of prolonged rolling power cuts under the stage 4 schedule.

Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer says they’ve been able to restore a large amount of power into the grid.

“More than 800MW is now back. One of the lines is also back, the other one will take weeks to fix.”

Two years is the approximate timeframe that Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has given in which Eskom’s generation capacity must be stabilized.

Gordhan, however, doesn’t believe that power outages will be intensified beyond stage four.

Gordhan and Eskom said that these inherited problems, combined with a lack of maintenance of power stations, were contributing significantly to the load shedding crisis.

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