ER24 & Mrs Grand SA Finalist are creating awareness in the North.

Dedré Delport

Mrs Grand South Africa Finalist, Dedrè Delport, is introducing the Reinhardt Drewel Foundation (RDF) in association with ER24, to Pretoria. This is a NPO that is creating awareness of drowning and water safety. RDF is also raising funds for non-fatal drowning victims.

On 21 April Dedrè and ER24 paramedics visited Shusterjieland in Pretoria-North to create awareness about water safety and drowning.
This was a very educating event that the children enjoyed tremendously. They were taught how they could drown and how to avoid it. They also learned the emergency number of ER24 and how to make an emergency call.
The children even had the privilege to experience the ambulance siren and lights after they had a view of it inside. And to end it off on a high note, they were treated with sweets and an ER24 tattoo. A fun learning experience at no cost at all.
The event was so such a huge success that a lot of nursery schools in the North has agreed to the same awareness program. The team is looking forward to it with great expectancy.
Did you know:
* Every hour 40 people is drowning across the globe.
* Taking formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among kids aged 1-4.
A few tips from the International Water Safety Foundation
1Know your limits. Holding your breath is dangerous.
Hypoxic blackout, commonly known as shallow water blackout is a silent killer of advanced swimmers.
2. Swim in lifeguarded areas.
3. Wear a lifejacket!
90% of drowning victims from boating accidents were not wearing livejackets.
4. Stay away from frozen water.
After as little as 5 minutes, cold water begins to rob you of your ability to move your limbs, no matter what your swimming ability is.
5. To assits others, reach or throw, don’t go.
Even a strong swimmer can drown trying to help others. Don’t go into the water unless you are trained.
6. Follow all posted safety signs.
Especially at beaches or rivers.
7. Don’t swim in bad weather.
8. Feet first! Never dive in shallow or unknown waters.
You can break your neck or get a spinal cord injury from diving into water five feet or less. Estimates show the speed of a dive is about 15 feet per second. If the water is only 5 feet deep you could be paralyzed in 1/3 of a second.
9. Never swim in dirty water.
10. Never swim alone!
If you swim alone, no one will know if you get in trouble.
Adult supervision is of utmost importance for the safety of children.
These are only a few safety rules. Do not under estimate the power of water.
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