EFF’s student command calls for scrapping of NSFAS

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)’s Student Command has once again called for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to be scrapped.

The student movement says the scheme has in the past failed dismally in paying students’ fees, especially when it came to TVET colleges.

Student Command leader Peter Keetse says NSFAS rejected much of students who fall under the so-called missing middle despite a model introduced last year to fund them.

“We reject NSFAS. We want a better model, even if it’s administered by the government, centrally or they distribute it on a campus level; let it be so.

“The government gives money to NSFAS, NSFAS gives money to us; so, we cut NSFAS money and it comes directly to us.”

The missing middle refers to students whose annual household income is below R600,000.

Meanwhile, Keetse warned there will be chaos if the government does not make a pronouncement of fee-free registration at universities.

The student movement has made a call for students to walk into universities to register free of charge.

Keetse said they have written to the department, calling for no registration fees to be paid by new and returning students.

“We hope they will respond. We have given them deadlines. If they don’t respond on Wednesday, that will be the 9th, they will experience the maximum level of anarchy. We are not scared of it. We know it very well. We have done it before.”

Keetse said the party’s student movement leads at the majority of universities across the country. He adds at their instruction all universities can be shut down in no time.

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