Early Metro election results

Pretoria – The early results for the 2016 Local Government Election’s highly contested metropolitan areas have started coming in, with about 40% of votes counted nationally.

Just after 8am on Thursday morning, the results for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality was showing that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is standing at 55.95%, while the African National Congress (ANC) had 34.69%, the EFF had 4.06% and UDM stood at 1.31%.

It’s early days still, as vote counting is continuing vigorously.

In the City of Tshwane, the DA stood at 48.38%, while the ANC had 38.76%, with the EFF at 8.63% and the VFPlus at 2.41%.

In the City of Johannesburg, the DA had 43.62% of the votes, while the ANC was at 40.85%, the EFF% was at 9.83% and IFP at 1.8%.

In Ekurhuleni, the DA stood at 46.07%, while the ANC had 41.67% and the EFF had 7.95%.

In the City Cape Town, the DA had 70.81% of the votes, while the ANC was at 20.33% and the EFF had 3.06% of the votes.

In the Free State’s Mangaung Municipality, the ANC had 51.55% of the votes, while the DA had 33.05%, the EFF was third with 7.96% and in fourth place was the VFPlus at 2.63%.

In Buffalo City in the Eastern Cape, the ANC had 53.5%, while the DA has 32.78% and the EFF had 6.5% of the votes.

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