Drastic action needed to address power crisis: FF Plus


The Freedom Front Plus says drastic action needs to be taken to address the power crisis in South Africa.

In a statement, the FF Plus says the best way to mobilize funds from the private sector to contribute to a power supply is to open up the power grid to Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

The statement says if RDP houses are each fitted with photovoltaic panels of four kilowatts, it would contribute a staggering four gigawatt to the country’s power generating capacity.

This power contribution would ensure that South Africa does not have to endure Stage 6 load shedding during working hours again.

According to the statement, it is also necessary to open up the power grid to independent power suppliers of all sizes as this will lead to a more stable and green economy, while it reduces the fiscal deficits.

Last week, Eskom board Chairperson Jabu Mabuza said the power utility understands how load shedding has affected consumers.

The power utility cut up to 6 000 megawatts of power from the national grid when it increased load shedding from Stage 4 to Stage 6.

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