Death toll in Uganda fuel tank crash rises to 22

The death toll in an incident in which a fuel tanker crashed into three vehicles and exploded in western Uganda has now risen to 22.

Police say the incident occurred at the Kyambura trading centre, a mountainous area near the Queen Elizabeth National Park on Sunday night.

The incident led to multiple explosions that also burned 25 small shops.

Most of the victims suffered burns as they tried to save their property and also save their friends who were caught up in the fire.

Most of the people were taken to different health centres.

Many of those who died from the inferno were burnt beyond recognition. Police are now appealing to those who have lost their loved ones to come up for DNA profiling but there are fears that some of the bodies may never be identified.

The incident comes more than a week after a fuel tanker exploded in Tanzania.

The fireball engulfed a crowd thronging to collect petrol from the wrecked vehicle, leaving 95 dead


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