De Lille grateful for all good support after bitter divorce from DA

CAPE TOWN – Patricia de Lille said she was grateful for the support her new political venture the Good party received.

Good has won 3% of the vote in the Western Cape.

The party has also won enough national votes for at least one seat in Parliament.

De Lille said she saw every vote as a victory.

“We just started four months ago and it will be a good basis for us to continue working hard in preparation for 2021 election. And I’m grateful to all the support and confidence that they have shown in us.”

De Lille parted ways with the Democratic Alliance (DA) after a bitter and very public battle which saw her leaving the Cape Town mayor’s office.

Once the dust has settled from the elections, there will likely be an analysis of whether De Lille’s new party ate into the DA’s election support base.

The DA has admitted it must do some serious introspection after losing support both provincially and nationally.

The party’s Western Cape leader Bonginkosi Madikizela said: “In any divorce, you don’t keep all your assets, so when you go through a divorce you share some assets. But I’ll take these results any day.”

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