De Lille awaits DA decision on her fate

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille met the deadline of Wednesday set by the Democratic Alliance’s Federal Executive Council ) to submit reasons on why she should remain in office.

The DA’s FedEx says it will be considering her submissions on why she should not step down.

Last week, the DA’s caucus in the city council passed a motion of no confidence against her. In recent months, De Lille has clashed with the party over several issues.

In her submission to the federal executive, she said she was innocent of the charges against her. FedEx Deputy Chairperson, Natasha Mazzone has confirmed they have received De Lille’s submissions.

“The DA may decide to accept her submissions and to not allow the motion of no confidence against her to stand. In which case they would recommend remedial action to repair the damaged relationship between her and the caucus. Alternatively the Fedex may find that her reasons given are not good enough and therefore hold the motion of no confidence stands. If that is the case we would give the Mayor 48 hours in which to resign, failing which her membership would cease.”

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