Cyclone Idai: Gift of the Givers shifts focus to medical treatment

JOHANNESBURG – The Gift of the Givers Foundation has shifted its focus in Mozambique to medical treatment more than two weeks after Cyclone Idai killed hundreds of people.

Idai had left at least 417 people dead in Mozambique alone, with hundreds more killed in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Gift of the Givers said on Sunday that it had almost 40 members helping with relief efforts.

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman, founder and chairperson at Gift of the Givers, said they had set up camps for survivors.

“Between the two camps of 13,000 and 6,000, there’ll be 19,000 and there will be many more camps developing as the rains settle and the water levels start receding. The medical teams would have to be spread out between those areas.”

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