Checkpoint: Monster manager

JOHANNESBURG – Workers at a not-so friendly Spar supermarket in northern Johannesburg are claiming they have been treated badly.

They say the abuse occurs almost every day, with one former employee even recording one of the incidents.

Nthabiseng Maphoroma was hospitalised after owner Carlos Rodriguez allegedly forced her to work in the store’s cold room without protective gear.

Maphoroma says when she collapsed at work, Rodriguez instructed other workers to remove her from the shop.

She is now worried she will not have a job when she returns to work.

Another worker, Ernest Mailula, wanted to know why he was underpaid by R1,000.

Instead of getting an explanation, Mailula says he was fired.

Authorities say any employer that disregards workers’ rights, will not get away with it.

The labour department is now investigating Robindale Spar.

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