Cele: No protest will prevent South Africans from voting on 8 May

JOHANNESBURG – Police Minister Bheki Cele says that no protest or shutdown will prevent South Africans from exercising their right to vote on 8 May.

The comments follow several service delivery protests that erupted in different parts of the country ahead of the nation’s polls.

Cele was speaking on behalf of the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security cluster which detailed its readiness for the elections in Pretoria on Thursday.

Minister Cele said that police visibility will be intensified ahead of the elections month.

Cele said that they have already identified hotspots to keep a close eye on.

In Vuwani Limpopo, some residents have declared that no voting would take place.

But the minister disagrees.

“It’s the Constitution that allows every party to practice political freedom and all that, so we don’t infringe on the political rights of others.”

Cele said that those who want to protest must not infringe on the rights of others.

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