Cassper Nyovest told to stop ‘lying’ to his follower

His fans said they were fine with him responding to haters but said he should refrain from lying, as that would have consequences.

Refiloe ‘Cassper Nyovest’ Phoolo has responded to one of his followers in a rude, yet polite, manner. Twitter user Yado442 felt inspired by the Friday spirit and decided to show Cassper some hate in a tweet.

“Cassper Nyovest, Tsek your music is kak and you suck,” he said.

Cassper hardly responds to the hate he sometimes gets on Twitter, but today, he decided to respond to this one. While at it, he even spotted some talent and advised the hater to record some music, as he would sell triple platinum.

“Lmao… You rhymed there… Why you ain’t recording no music bro? I swear you got talent. You could go on and sell triple platinum,” he told the hater.

Responding to another follower who commended him for not returning the hate, Cassper said he was not bothered. “I’m in a very good space bro. Guys, my life is almost perfect hey,” he said.

While his fans found the comeback funny, they told him to stop “lying” to the hater, as he would take him seriously and go to the studio to record music.

Another celebrity who has recently started responding to haters on social media is Bonang Matheba. Her boyfriend, AKA, posted pictures of the clothes he bought while in Hong Kong, but one of his followers was not convinced about the spending.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, he said while everyone else saw the black bags, all he saw was the ‘sale’ sign, a comment both AKA and his girlfriend would not take lying down.

Bonang came to her boyfriend’s defence, not that he needed it, as he’s pretty good at doing that himself.

“That’s what you WILL see when you don’t have money, power and respect,” she said, leaving most saying the troll deserved it.

“I didn’t want to have to do this …. but I spent 80k at that store today. Now, go F*ck yourself,” added her boyfriend.

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