Board under Myeni interfered with my work – SAA Head of Risk Management

SAA’s Head of Financial Risk Management, Cynthia Stipel, says the board under Dudu Myeni interfered with her work. She says after former SAA chairperson, Cheryl Carolus, left things became different at the national carrier. She says Myeni’s board wanted to know what contracts they were working on.

Stipel says at one point, names of people and companies she did not know were added when they were seeking funding for debt consolidation. She describes what happened at a meeting between former SAA Chief Financial Officer Wolf Meyer and a potential funder.

“We were called as a team of managers and he raised his concerns about the funding. He said he had been called to a meeting about one of the potential funders on the list and he thought they will discuss the maximum amount or something like that. He went there and he was told that they must ensure that SAA must give these clients the deal because number one wants this deal to happen.”

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