Black farm worker allegedly killed for using tractor to buy lunch

Left: Picture of Black farm worker, killed in a tractor. Right: The alleged security officer. | Supplied on Twitter

Story Update 15 – 01 – 2018

Krugersdorp – A 32-year-old farm worker was allegedly shot and killed by a security official and not his employer, on a farm in Tarlton, outside Krugersdorp, for using tractor during lunchtime. Media links reported the incidence happened over the weekend.

Despite the event happening on Saturday, not much was heard of it until the following tweet emerged online :

Tarlton police representative confirmed the incidence happened on the 6th of January and investigation is fully ongoing to uncover the truth about the incidence.

One of the farm workers, who is called Albert confirmed that the tractor use or any other tools were a regular issue as the farmer does not want his personal property used or taken outside the farm.

“This is not the first time that the farmer gets angry and threatens whoever fails to listen,” Abert says. The Security official who shot the farmer is to face the law and has been charged with murder. He is to appear at the Krugersdorp magistrate court on Monday the 8th of January.

According to other media publications, the black farm worker was stealing the tractor when the white farm owner opened fire and killed the farm worker. Another publication in Krugersdorp stated that a security guard shot the farmer in the head to stop him from stealing the tractor.

This, however, was different from what the community members believed happened as they supported Alfred’s details of events before the arrival of the police at the crime scene.

The community members attacked the security officer out of retaliation. The white farmer called the police and fled the scene of the crime


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