Bill Gates Reviews Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime

Trevor Noah’s book Born A Crime has received a very good review from the world’s richest man alive. Noah’s book which is rated as a bestseller in the United States and all around the world was reviewed for Time by wealthy philanthropist Bill Gates. The autobiographical work which reflects on Trevor’s upbringing had the billionaire showering praises on the comedian’s mom for her outstanding personality. In his review, Gates says; “In fact, Noah’s mother emerges as the real hero of the book. She’s an extraordinary person who is fiercely independent and raised her son to be the same way.”
Gates also commended Noah’s comedy which he said has a lightness and optimism that’s refreshing to watch and knows no boundaries. “He’s good at making fun of himself, America, and the rest of the world. His comedy is so universal that it has the power to transcend borders.” He also reflects on South African race relations in his review and Trevor’s place in society in relation to them. For the most part, Gates was impressed with Noah’s ability to tell a somewhat tragic story with much humour.

“Much of Noah’s story of growing up in South Africa is tragic. Yet in Noah’s hands, these moving stories are told in a way that will often leave you laughing. His skill for comedy is clearly inherited from his mother,” writes Bill Gates. Trevor Noah’s book Born A Crime is filled with memories of growing up in the twilight of Apartheid alongside his family’s struggles. The book which was released in November 2016, looks into Noah’s childhood and the journey of being the child of an illegally mixed race relationship during the apartheid regime. Meanwhile, an excited Noah took to Twitter to share the news on Bill Gates review

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