Bheki Cele orders shut down of illegal liquor outlets in Limpopo

Police Minister Bheki Cele has ordered Limpopo police to shut down all illegal liquor outlets within 48 hours. He was addressing police and traffic offers in Polokwane where he is assessing the festive season crime prevention strategy.

Cele also instructed police management to pay officers overtime to during the festive season. Cele says the high number of liquor outlets contribute to the high number of murders in the province.

“I don’t know what’s the story in this province, why do you have only 42 churches in the province and you have almost 14 thousand liquor outlets, so that tells you that we have a problem but when you look at the patterns of murder it also tells you so, because more people, they die Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday early hours where you pick up the dead bodies and you will pick them up around those areas,” says Cele.

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