AgriSA condemns AfriForum’s action on land expropriation

Rows of a Carrot Field

AgriSA has condemned AfriForum’s distribution of a list of farms said to be expropriated without compensation.

It described the action as irresponsible, contributing towards uncertainty surrounding land expropriation.

The government has denied the existence of such a list.

About 200 hectares of the farms Erfdeel, Kaalkraal, and Klipfontein farms near Coligny in the North West belong to 85-year-old John Benade. They have been in his family since the 1800s.

Benade was shocked to find his farm on AfriForum’s list.

John Benade says:”It is not something nice to think about, honestly you’ve worked your entire life for something and built a legacy. You don’t want someone to just take it away from you.”

AfriForum’s distribution of the list has been widely condemned.

AfriForum justified their actions by saying they were just exposing the government’s veil of secrecy surrounding the issue of land expropriation.

The government has denied any knowledge, authenticity, and existence of such a circulating list. Only once section 25 of the constitution is amended, can government expropriate land without compensation.

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