779 confirmed COVID-19 cases from SAPS

The South Africa Police Services (SAPS) says it has 779 cases of police who tested positive for COVID-19 around the country.

National Police Spokesperson Vish Naidoo has also confirmed that an officer working in the Parliaments precinct tested positive.

Naidoo says the police officer who works in the control room was returned before he could even start working after displaying symptoms of COVID-19 during the screening process before starting work.

He says the other police officers, who were on the same shift in Parliament and came into contact with their colleague who tested positive – have been asked to self-isolate and go for screening and testing as a precautionary measure.

Naidoo says 414 of the 779 cases are active, while 359 police officers have recovered fully from the COVID-19. He says the SAPS will continue to implement strict control and precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus.

There are currently 24 264 cases of COVID-19 in South Africa , with the Western Cape accounting for 65. 2% of the total number of cases and a total of 524 related deaths. The country has conducted over 600 000 tests so far.

The Department of Health says South Africa is currently facing a shortage of testing reagents.

Colder weather and COVID-19

Meanwhile a Durban-based general practitioner Dr. Prithi Ramlachan says there are no scientific findings confirming the relation between colder weather and an increased risk of COVID-19 infections.

The first heavy cold front of winter made landfall in the Cape Peninsula this week, bringing with it concerns over cold-related viruses. Ramlachan says there are various viral infections that develop during cold weather.

“The important facet of good health in any outbreak or virus is important for patients. And the reason for that is that if you are healthy,  you are able to mount a good response to any virus that affects you, whether it’s coronavirus, whether it’s the flu virus. Whether it’s the cold or any of those, at least you know your body will be good and healthy to mount a response against it.”

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