60-year-old man in court for rape

The case of the 60-year-old man accused of raping three siblings in Braamfischerville, Soweto, is on Wednesday expected back in court.

The suspect is the husband of the girls’ aunt. He’s alleged to have raped the three girls for many years.

The youngest victim, who is now 15, eventually told neighbours and this resulted in the man’s arrest.

The suspect is expected to apply for bail in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court.

Last year, the 15-year old girl who accused the man of rape spoke to the SABC relaying graphic details of what she says took place.

The teenager says she was not the first to be raped and that her two older sisters went through a similar ordeal at the Braamfischerville house, where they lived with their aunt and uncle.

The violations allegedly took place over a period of eight to 10 years. She says when she could take it no more — she went to her neighbours and broke her silence.

This eventually led to the arrest of the suspect in October last year.

The suspect has been behind bars since then and is expected to apply for bail on Wednesday. During the last court appearance, the state indicated that they are awaiting DNA results and would like to have a proper consultation with the three girls.

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