Members of Gauteng legislature to be sworn in

JOHANNESBURG – Members of the Gauteng provincial legislature will be sworn in on Wednesday afternoon with the African National Congress (ANC) chairperson David Makhura barely retaining the premier’s office.

The ANC and Democratic Alliance (DA) have each lost three seats in Gauteng and the governing party will have to ensure that its members never vote with the opposition.

Makhura will either make allies with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) which has grown by three seats to 11 or walk a tight rope with the party’s slim 50.9% majority.

The ANC has lost three seats but remains the majority party with 37 of the 73 seats in the Gauteng.

The official opposition, the DA, has gone down to 20 seats and it will need all other parties if it is to influence decisions in the province where it holds two key metros but its fall out with the EFF could mean its mayors will continue to struggle without collaboration from the province.

The EFF becomes the kingmaker with 11 seats and its ambitions to govern the province may play out as it wields its influence between the government and the opposition.

The Freedom Front Plus has gone up from one to three seats, an indication that conservative votes have increased and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) comes into the province for the first time with one seat.

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