Police on high alert in ennerdale

While organizers of the total shut down march say they plan to intensify their demonstrations countrywide, police remain on high alert in Ennerdale this morning.

The situation was volatile yesterday with police using rubber bullets to disperse a small group of protesters who were pelting officers and cars with stones.

Several communities including Ennerdale, Eldorado Park, and Westbury embarked on a total shut down yesterday, calling on the government to address issues of crime and unemployment.

Police had their hands full for most of the day trying to disperse a crowd that blocked the main road leading into Ennerdale.

Officers were forced on several occasions to use rubber bullets to disperse a crowd of youngsters who were pelting officers with stones yesterday.

Police reinforcements were brought in overnight to monitor developments.

Organizers of the march say meetings have been scheduled with community leaders in the North West this weekend, where plans for more demonstrations against crime are expected to be rolled out next week.

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