City of Cape Town goes to court over MyCiti strike

The City of Cape Town says it will be approaching the courts to protect MyCiti personnel, passengers and assets against a strike by MyCity workers.

The workers which include bus drivers, cleaning staff and security have embarked on an illegal strike over the last three days demanding better pay and working conditions.

Mayco Member of Transport, Brett Herron says the strike is being fuelled by the EFF.

He says: “We cannot tolerate the kind of intimidation and violence that we saw on Wednesday. Two women bus drivers were held hostage, passengers chased out of the MyCiti bus stations. MyCiti buses were stoned and keys were stolen out of busses.”

“So, the conduct of those who are striking is unacceptable and so we are going to approach the courts to interdict them from interfering and intimidating those who wish to work.”

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