Operation Safer Festive Season

It is again that time of the year where many people will be going on holidays and others will be relaxing at home. It is this time of festive season when our communities become relaxed forgetting that criminals take this as an opportunity to maximise their criminal activities.

As the police we will be performing special operations in line with Operation Safer Festive Season in ensuring the safety our people. Pro-active measures need to be in palace in order to ensure that everyone enjoys a crime free festive season.

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The police would like to warn community members to take heed of the following and assist law enforcement agencies in taking measures in safeguarding their property.

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The fight against crime is everyone’s responsibility and we appeal to the community to join hands with us and together we can enjoy a crime free and safer festive season. The South African Police Service and partners will be out in full force to ensure that you, the community is safe. Those who break the law will face that full might of the judicial system. #CRIME MUST FALL.

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